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Title: College Catalogs
Description: The Indian River State College Catalogs Collection contains scanned copies of the printed College Catalogs going back to 1960. The College was known as Indian River Junior College until 1971, as Indian River Community College from 1971 until 2008, and Indian River State College from 2008 forward....
Title: IRSC Libraries
Description: IRSC Libraries are one of three departments under the Learning Resources division, along with IRSC Online and the IRSC Tutoring Centers. IRSC Libraries hosts events throughout the academic year and issues a quarterly newsletter. This Collection includes recordings of panel discussions, re...
Title: Lincoln Junior College Yearbooks

The Lincoln Junior College Yearbooks Collection contains scanned copies of the Falconite yearbook published by the Lincoln Junior College student body in 1962, 1963, and 1964.

Title: Pioneer Press
Abstract/Description: This collection contains scans of Indian River State College's Pioneer Press student newspaper.
Title: Sharing the News
Abstract/Description: This collection consists of newspaper clippings related to Indian River State College over the years.